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Why Should You Try Minecraft?

Why Should You Try Minecraft?

Whether you're playing on a console, mobile device, or PC, Minecraft: Java Edition offers up a perfect entertainment factor for anyone. Its robust multiplayer mode makes it ideal for gamers who want to play with friends and family, and its ever-expanding library of content provides endless possibilities for creative and innovative players.

The potential to develop a fully functioning game within the Minecraft environment is also immense. If you've got an idea for a game, you can create all the necessary programming and artwork, and then export a plugin that allows the game to function within the Minecraft environment. This means that a single copy of the game will have all the necessary plugins needed to create a standalone game – without the need for additional fees or copies.

Which Version Should You Get?

There are a number of versions of Minecraft for different platforms and devices. If you're on a PC, you can download the Minecraft Classic edition (which is what we reviewed above). If you're on iOS or Android, the choice is largely between the Standard edition and the Pocket Edition. (The latter is free, but requires that you keep the app's content updated as newer versions are released.)

If you've got a Nintendo Switch, you can also download the Switch edition. This is the same as the standard PC or console versions, but with additional features designed for the Nintendo Switch (e.g. the ability to play using the console's touch screen and with different controllers.)

Where Can I Buy Minecraft?

If you wish to buy Minecraft outright, the best place to do so is the Google Play Store. Not only will you find a number of different retailers that offer the game, but you'll also find a variety of discounts if you search for the game during one of its sale periods.

In comparison, if you wish to buy Minecraft for a device that doesn't have access to the Google Play Store, then you can try one of the game's numerous third-party sellers. (Just make sure that the device you buy is compatible with Java, as the game requires that you have a Java Runtime Environment installed.)

07 Oct 2022